TFM August 2012 : Page 13

Indy’s unique hyperbolic refl ector... light without source. T k Think … Think J Th Juno Lighting Group LED What’s quieter than a “quiet” ceiling? Introducing the silent ceiling ™ … exclusively from Indy Indy’s unique hyperbolic refl ector produces so little glare that ceilings are no longer just “quiet”… they’re absolutely “silent.” And it’s available exclusively on Indy’s Performance Series line of commercial LED downlights. In addition, Indy Performance Series LEDs feature the industry’s broadest range of lumen packages, from 800 to 2,700 delivered lumens, and effi cacies up to 70 lm/W . But there’s so much more to the story … please visit our web site, for all the details. Sign up at for a chance to win an Apple ® iPod touch ® and to learn more about Juno Lighting Group Commercial LED lighting. Shine On. Enter 060 at

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