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W YOMING V OL . 12 N UMBER 1 S PRING 2016 Nurse REPORTER Facts about Substance Use Disorder Substance use disorder encompasses a pattern of behaviors that range from misuse to dependency or addiction, whether it is alcohol, legal drugs or illegal drugs. Addiction is a complex disease with serious physical, emotional, ļ¬nancial and legal consequences. s)TCANAFFECTANYONEREGARDLESSOFAGE&#0c;OCCUPATION&#0c; ECONOMICCIRCUMSTANCES&#0c;ETHNICBACKGROUNDOR GENDER&#0e; s3UBSTANCEUSEDISORDERISAPROGRESSIVEAND CHRONICDISEASE&#0c;BUTALSOONETHATCANBE SUCCESSFULLYTREATED&#0e; s4HEEARLIERSUBSTANCEUSEDISORDERINANURSEIS IDENTIlEDANDTREATMENTISSTARTED&#0c;THESOONER PATIENTSAREPROTECTEDANDTHEBETTERTHECHANCES AREOFTHENURSERETURNINGTOWORK&#0e; NCSBN. (2014) What You Need to Know About Substance Abuse in Nursing. ncsbn.org/sud Check us out! Facebook: Wyoming State Board of Nursing Twitter: @WYNursing Official Publication Wyoming State Board of Nursing

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