Arkansas Agriculture Edition 44 : Page 25

Riceland Rice Bran Oil One of the World’s Healthiest Oils Riceland Rice Bran Oil is an excellent oil for frying. It has a superior smoke point of 490°F compared to other cooking oils. The smoke point is the temperature oil begins to smoke and burn. Hotter oil allows food to cook crispier with less oil absorption. Rice bran oil can be used for much more than frying. It is neut to taste the food and not the oil. It’s perfect for cooking on the grill or in an extremely hot ing vinaigrettes. Find it online at Going Beyond The Division of Agriculture is not only here to help you through the 2017 growing season, but is also looking ahead to 2027 and 2037 , by conducting research on: • Drones and robots • Precision ag • High tech irrigation • Designer crop varieties • New herbicide-resistant weed management • Advanced environmental monitoring • Computer crop modeling • Big data Call your county extension or visit to learn more. DIVISION OF AGRICULTURE RESEARCH & EXTENSION University of Arkansas System The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action institution. Arkansas Agriculture | ARKANSAS FARM BUREAU • WINTER 2017 25

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