Arkansas Agriculture Edition 44 : Page 28

Kittler Construction, Inc. Carlisle, Ark. Sales, Service, and Parts to Fulfill All Your Grain Storage Needs Parts: 870-552-1022 • Office: 870-552-3831 Sid Sheets: 501-690-0220 Call today for pricing on how you can maximize your profitability Kittler Construction is proud to be a member of the GSI Group. NEW and IMPROVED DR Field and Brush Mowers ® Grind Away ANY 6L]H6WXPS)$67 LOWEST Faster…Easier… Lower-Priced! HOGV&#0f;EUXVK&#0f;HYHQVDSOLQJV 0RZ¿ ZLWKQHYHU
EHIRUHHDVH PRICE EVER! Plus— Tow-Behind ALL NEW Models Starting at just $ , 1 399 99 20 HP, PRO MAX-34 NEW WIDE CUT MODELS for faster mowing! 95180X © 2017 NEW LOW PRICES reduced up to $500! '5¿ HOGEUXVKFRP '5VWXPSJULQGHUFRP 6 MONTH FREE EASY SHIPPING TRIAL FINANCING SOME LIMITATIONS APPLY. CALL OR GO ONLINE FOR DETAILS. Call for a FREE DVD and Catalog! Includes product specifi cations and factory-direct offers. TOLL FREE &#1b;&#1a;&#1a;

&#1b;&#1b; Arkansas Agriculture | ARKANSAS FARM BUREAU • WINTER 2017 28 95181X © 2017 NEW POWER STEERING for easier handling! The DR ® 67803*5,1'(5 uses carbide-tipped cutting teeth (taking 360 “bites” per second) to reduce any stump to a pile of woodchips. Grinds stumps below ground level so they are gone forever! PLUS! QUICKLY ELIMINATE ANY STUMP without digging, burning, or chemicals. NEW, MORE POWERFUL and lower-priced models. NOW TOWABLE with your riding mower or ATV.

Kittler Construction, Inc.

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