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$!&0.%73 DAFP Docs on the Move! For the second year in a row, the Delaware Academy of Family Physicians participated in the Wilmington Heart Walk. This year our team of 7 walkers/runners raised $700 dollars to fight the heart disease epidemic in Delaware. But it got us wondering what do our DAFP members like to do for exercise ? It turns out you are a varied bunch! Our members enjoy staying active from bicycling, to swimming, walking, running and even martial arts. We even heard that a few of you like to take the super hard route to fitness participating in triathalons, marathons and ultra-marathons. Bill Funk ran Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2014 in addition to 7 other marathons over the years plus about 30 half marathons and dozens of 5 K’ s. “As a natural sprinter, the long runs do not come easily and the long work hours cut into quality training so I run to finish well rather than compete. Most of my running in the winter is on the treadmill. Most summer running is in the evening with weekend 5 K ‘s if we don’t have the grand-kids. Moderation and consistency works well for me!” Becky Jaffe and her husband started to train in Martial Arts when their children got their black belts, and now they are working on their 2nd degree black belts! Their family stays active by riding bikes, hiking, rock climbing and skiing. “Exercise is Medicine. Lead by example. You do not find the time--you must assign the time. I wake up every morning and do 5 to 10 minutes of exercise to start the day and then aim for an hour every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get the 180 minutes I suggest to my patients.” We asked Becky what’s on her exercise prescription for patients: “For inactive individu-als--especially older inactive people, I suggest sitting exercises first. For younger inactives--I have them start with 5 to 7 minutes ( a day and advance from there. Sign-ing up for a race is a great way to team up and go forward.” Emergency Medicine/ Family Medicine resident Rachel Barney has used a few tech-niques to help stay “somewhat fit.” First, she got a dog. “Aside from the emotional benefits of having a dog, it forces me to get out every day and take him for walks. I have a couple of routes worked out and I get at least 1-2 miles of walking every day.” She also uses videos like Jillian Michaels and Yoga. The 25 minute “shred” workouts are now available on YouTube and can be done inside when you don’t have much time or the weather is bad outside. “Yoga is great for the morning because it is a gentler way to get your morning going than trying to go for a run.” She also uses the opportunity to bike to work when possible and uses running in local parks as a “great way to get rid of stress from the day.” Karen Antell started running after she had kids in her mid-thirties. “I ran my first mara-thon in Chicago in 2005, mostly as a way to keep up with my brothers, who have both run the NYC marathon multiple times. I have now run three marathons, one ultra-marathon and about 20 half-marathons. I love the energy and excitement of a race, although I’m usually a ‘happy back-of-the-pack’ runner.” Karen does most of her long training runs in White Clay Creek SP or on the Delaware Greenway Trail, but to squeeze them in, she sometimes has go out before sunrise and usually ends up doing them alone. She didn’t have to run alone for her first ultra marathon though. “My first ultra was this July, the Back on My Feet in 24, where I covered 67 miles in 24 hours with the indomitable Rachel Barney.” ड़ 10 | DELFAMDOC.ORG | DELAWARE ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS

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