Dakota Edition 36 : Page 5

Message From The Executive Director

Greetings to all! Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable summer. The summer time has gone so fast and now the Board Staff is preparing for the 2012-2013 renewal of your license. I invite you to visit the Board of Nursing website for your renewal and latest revisions to the Nurse Practices Act and Administrative Code (rules). Board staff is available to present on the latest revisions to both. A listing of presentations is located at https://www.Ndbon.orgieducation/continuing0f020education/EducationaI0f020presentations.Asp. And on page 15 of this publication.<br /> <br /> Verification of current licensure in North Dakota has never been easier. The North Dakota Board of Nursing has an online verification link available 24 hours a day to verify licensure/registration status. You may check licensure for an APRN, RN, LPN or Unlicensed Assistive Person! Technician. There is no cost for this service. Online verification is extremely accurate, effective, available and accomplished quickly. The online verification system also allows for printing of licensure verification for employment records. The Board discourages employers and nurses or unlicensed assistive person from photocopying licenses or registration for verification purposes. In evaluating the licensure status of a nurse, attention should be paid to the expiration date of the license, license status, activity status and type of license or permit. Assurance of current licensure is a critical component of providing safe, competent nursing care. Also, a reminder to all that orientation for new nurses in your organization is considered nursing practice. So do not go to work without the issuance of your temporary permit!<br /> <br /> After more than three years of work by many nursing leaders throughout the state, the North Dakota Center for Nursing (NDCFN) has been established. It is up and running with the new Executive Director, Dr. Patricia Moulton. She has been very busy interviewing nurses and other stakeholders across the state. The first Board Meeting for the Center will be held on October 28th from 10:00 - 3:00 PM at the ND Board of Nursing conference room. The website will be up soon at www. Ndcenterfomursing.org. A soft launch will be done at the beginning of October. We will keep you posted.<br /> <br /> Every health care worker in the state has been impacted by the flooding in one way or another. We even have some that relocated to other cities in North Dakota and some have left the state. Kudos to all of you for the great efforts in the flood fight and recovery! Visit the North Dakota Board of Nursing website at www.ndbon.org. For the latest information.

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